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A Congregational Letter to Morgan’s Point and Forks Road East United Churches

Trinity Sunday: Forks Road East’s 166th Anniversary

Well, it has been another fabulous week of warmth and rain blended together refreshing and renewing us. This is such an incredibly beautiful area of Canada to live in. Lush vegetation, gardens and flower beds are on their way to giving us immense enjoyment over the summer season. I hope you are able to continue to enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

It is Forks Road East’s 166th Anniversary Sunday this week. Congratulations to all of you as you celebrate another milestone in your faith journey. You are an amazing faith family, always ready to support, encourage, challenge, and pray for one another.

This week I was able to speak with many of you. You are all doing well, and staying hopeful for our eventual reopening. It is always a joy to talk with each one of you.

This Sunday is, not only Forks Road East 166th Anniversary, but it is also Trinity Sunday. So, today, we look at Jesus’ Commission to each of us as faith communities to “Go, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you.” (Matthew 18:19-20). Jesus is encouraging us today to be fishers of people. This great commission, from Matthew 28:16-20, is not intended to send us out as individuals, but as gathered communities of the faithful who are commanded to bring new members into our communities of faith. Forks Road East has been doing this for 166 years, just as Morgan’s Point has been doing so for 180 years. You are both committed and joyful communities of faith serving God with dedication, joy, and love.

As we gather to pray for each other, every morning, at 10:30, let us remember to also hold, tenderly and wisely, before God, the marches and peaceful protests, that are going on all over the world as people stand in solidarity with the black community and other communities who are marginalized. May we pray with a certain and sure love that God holds for each one of us. We are all on a faith journey together, and we need to ensure each of us is doing okay.

Keep well and safe, and have a blessed week.

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Laura

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Sarah Feran
Sarah Feran
Jun 10, 2020

Thanks Pastor Laura for the great sermon this week. I appreciate the reminder to not just be members of the fishing club but to actually go out and fish.


Happy Anniversary Forks Road

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