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2020 Christmas Greetings

As I consider our time together as a faith community over the past year, I am amazed at the many different strengths and gifts we so willingly blend together, allowing us to truly become the hands, feet, and voice of Christ in our Wainfleet and Port Colborne areas.  It is an immense joy to serve God with all of you each and every day.

  This past year has been a year of mixed blessings.  I know it has been difficult, in so many ways, to confine ourselves to our homes and only immediate relationships for almost eleven months now.  There have also been times of loneliness and uncertainty as we look to the future.  Health restrictions have restricted us from seeing many of our family members and friends whom we love so dearly.  Yet, this is the only way we can remain safe, and in good health, until a vaccine arrives.

It seams to me, though, that as difficult as this time has been, we have all learned to be creative in our abilities to reach out to others while still respecting our health guidelines. I know many of us stay connected with our faith family through telephone conversations, emails, and text messages.  We FaceTime and Zoom our family and friends so that we can continue to see the beautiful faces of those whom we love.

Our ministry at Morgan’s Point and Forks Road East United Churches has also continued on, albeit in different ways.  We now share weekly letters, YouTube sermons, phone calls, and Zoom Board Meetings instead of in-person gatherings. Community outreach has also continued unwaveringly.  I believe we will emerge from this pandemic a wiser, more deeply loving, and richly stronger faith community.

In just a couple of weeks Jesus will come to us, once again, as a babe in a manger, and we will be filled with the song of angels, the gentle amazement of shepherds, and the humbleness of the Maggi. As we await this Holy Night, may our hearts be filled with the comfort, hope, peace, joy, and love of our most Holy God. 

May each of you have a blessed Christmas.  Thank you all for your beautiful cards and well wishes to Ted and I.  As always Ted and I join with you every morning at 10:30 to hold one other, our greater community, our frontline workers, and our Political Leaders in prayer.  Please keep well and safe.  Merry Christmas!


God’s Blessings,

Pastor Laura

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Merry Christmas

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