November 10th. 2019

Sermon Title: Saturday Night

Psalm Reading: Psalm 90

Gospel Lesson: Luke 20:27-38

What i Think Jesus is saying is that those who are willing to give their lives to God now will find God to be there  when  this journey of life is over. And what we will discover in heaven is beyond our wildest imaginations.

Saturday Night Rev. Laura Borgerson
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November 17th. 2019

Sermon Title: Times are Changing

Hebrew Scripture: Isaiah 12

Make God's deeds known to the nations.

Hebrew Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-25

God shall create joy and delight; the wolf and lamb together.

Gospel Lesson: Luke 21:5-19
Persecution in the days to come; trust God! 

We may not like it, we may deny it, we may resist it but the reality is things are changing. Our world is changing, the church is changing, our lives are changing.

Times are ChangingRev. Lauar Borgerson
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November 24th. 2019

Sermon Title: Beginning and End

 Zechariah's Song
: Luke 1:68-79 

The Song of Zechariah

Hebrew Scripture: Jeremiah 23:1-6

God will raise up new Shepard for Israel, God's flock

Gospel Lesson: Luke 23:33-43
Remember me when you come into your Kingdom

Today, in the church year, we celebrate Reigh of Christ, or Christ the King Sunday. And the text in the lectionary for reigh of Christ bring us right to the Crucifixion of Christ. Tit's jarring, and it is meant to be.

Beginning & EndRev. Laura Borgerson
00:00 / 21:35
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