Memorial Service - Rev Laura & Ted Borgerson
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June 9, 2019

Sermon Title:  God's Breath of Life

Acts Reading: Acts 2:1-21

Gospel Lesson:  John 14:8-17


The breath of God is not simply a thing, or an event.  It is the abiding, and transforming, presence of God’s life with us and in us.   Wherever life is being created, renewed, put back together, or inspired, the Spirit is present.  God is breathing. Come Holy Spirit, Come.

God's Breath of Life - Rev Laura Borgerson
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June 16, 2019

Sermon Title:  The Spirit of Truth

Acts Reading: Romans 5:1-5

Gospel Lesson: John 16:12-15

Theme: The same spirit is with you wherever you go. It is the one promised to us by Jesus. It is not just words, but a comforting presence that we will experience in times of struggle or despair

The Spirit of Truth - Rev. Laura Borgerson
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June 23, 2019

Sermon Title:  Breaking the Chains

Epistle Reading: Galatians 3:23-29

Gospel Lesson: Luke 8:26-39

Theme: In Christ chains are broken, nakedness is clothed, tombs are vacated, and demons are powerless.

Breaking the Chains - Rev. Laura Borgerson
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