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A Congregational Letter to Morgan’s Point and Forks Road East United Churches

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

We are celebrating Palm Sunday, this week, which is often called Passion Sunday. It is our third week of responding to the physical distancing that has being asked of us to help control COVID-19 in our community, our country, and the world.

Dr. Peter Donnelly, President and Chief Executive Officer, of Public Health Ontario, spoke to us on Friday on what we need to do to care for the people in our families and our communities. He assured us that we need to continue to stay at home and to keep physical distancing. By doing this he stressed that we will save many lives around us, as well as enable our health care system to address any emergencies that arise, and, finally, physical distancing will ultimately help our economy to fast track into a solid rebound position. We, as a faith community, have taken the correct actions necessary to ensure everyone’s safety around us during this uncertain time.

This week, I have phoned and texted many of you, once again. I am not done, yet. Our conversations have been lengthy and insightful and I have enjoyed our time together immensely. I will continue my phone calls through to Saturday afternoon to catch up on your week and to share the many thoughts that are part of this time and challenge.

Next week is Holy Week, and you will receive a letter from me, once again. I want to stay in touch with each of you. I will not be phoning, however, as I need to have Good Friday’s sermon as well as Easter Sunday’s sermon posted for you. I will continue to pray for all of you each morning at 10:30, knowing that God holds you tenderly and safely in His care. Keep well and safe next week as you enjoy a blessed Easter.

We have two Gospel lessons this Sunday. On Sunday we will celebrate Palm Sunday, which is also known as the Sunday of the Passion. We open with the reading from the Gospel of Matthew 21:1-11 which is Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. A day of triumph and celebration. Our second Gospel lesson comes from Matthew 27:11-54. This passage journeys through Jesus’ crucifixion. This is, indeed, a very difficult Sunday. It is a day of turmoil.

As we settle into Palm/Passion Sunday we need to remember that even as Jesus was tried and tested before Pilate, so we who follow Jesus are also tested. The world demands that we stand up and testify to what we believe. Although we sometimes fail the tests and trails of the world, Jesus succeeds and strengthens us.

Keep well and safe. Let us hold one another and our beloved world in our prayers every morning at 10:30.

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Laura

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