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A Congregational Letter to Morgan’s Point and Forks Road East United Churches May 10th: Mother’s Day

It is becoming harder to remember how many weeks we have been physical distancing since COVID-19. We have all been doing well, however, and taking up many activities and chores about our homes and yards. Those of you who are in Senior Retirement Communities, you have also been busy with relaxing activities – however, I am not sure I would say jigsaw puzzles are totally relaxing. Challenging is more my description. This week-end we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is always a fabulous day to offer thanks and well-wishes to our amazing moms and to all the women in our lives who mentor us with love and wisdom. This will be the first year without my Mom, and so I am remembering and treasuring the opportunities we had together as family. Last year, my siblings, and our spouses, journeyed to Victoria to spend Mother’s Day with Mom. What a grand time we had. I am also very thankful to my siblings, my son, and my niece, that they were able to be with Mom during her passing in January. I facetimed often with Mom and she was so grateful to have so many of her family around her. This Sunday, as we remember our Moms, I decided to preach on John 19:25-26. Jesus, as he is crucified, gives his mom, Mary, to his beloved friend to care for. He wanted to make sure she was well cared for and her needs were met. I will conclude my sermon with a postscript from Erma Bombeck. She has an amazing insight into life. Once again, this week, I was overjoyed to visit with so many of you over the phone and by text messages. You are well and safe, and I am so grateful that we are all able to stay in contact with each other. Our conversations are, as always, insightful and meaningful. I look forwards to them immensely. We talked, often, this week about the repatriation ceremony for the six Canadian Armed Forces members killed in a helicopter crash off of Grace. Our hearts were full of sorrow. Let us continue to pray for each other, and all the circumstances that God places on our hearts, every morning, at 10:30, with a certain and sure love that God holds for each one of us. We are all on a faith journey together, and we need to ensure each of us is doing okay. Keep well and safe, and have a blessed week. Happy Mother’s Day! God’s Blessings, Pastor Laura

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