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February 7th, 2021: Epiphany 5

A Congregational Letter to Morgan’s Point and Forks Road East United Churches

February 7th, 2021: Epiphany 5

It is hard to believe that I am entering my 4th year of serving the congregations of Morgan’s Point and Forks Road East United Churches, this week-end. This year has had its mixed blessings and obstacles, but, nevertheless, we have done so very well as a Pastoral Charge. It has been a true blessing for me to serve you as your Pastor. Thank you for working with me in so many ways as we serve God through our prayers, through our outreach in community, through the Committees we serve on, and through the many other activities that engage our time and talents.

I want to send a huge thank you to Cecil and Abbey for ensuring our worship services are available every Sunday morning. Cecil and Abbey are faithful to arrive at the Church each Saturday morning to ensure the Church services are taped for Sunday. This has been done in all types of weather, and despite what may be happening in our employment or personal lives. Thank you, Cecil and Abbey for your dedication.

In addition, I am, also, so very grateful to Whitney for her creativity in offering us her music on Sunday mornings. She tapes her music, and, then, emails it to Cecil so that he can insert it into the worship service. Whitney layers the music of her piano, flute, violin, and organ through her technological equipment. Thank you, Whitney.

Next week is Transfiguration Sunday. Following Transfiguration Sunday, we enter the Season of Lent on Wednesday, February 17th, with Ash Wednesday. Sunday, February 21st, is Lent 1, and during this Worship Service, we will be celebrating Holy Communion. I will remind you, one final time, next week about this special service, so that you can have your juice and your bread available to participate in the Communion Service during the Sunday morning YouTube service.

My sermon this week is based on Mark 1:29-39, and is entitled “The Deserted Places of Our Lives”. In the lesson from Mark’s Gospel, we hear about Jesus entering Simon and Andrew’s home to teach and heal. Jesus, then, early in the next morning, goes out to the wilderness, by himself.

Jesus calls us out, from the comfort of our homes, and into the vulnerability of the wilderness where there is only prayer. The wilderness is a place where we are alone with God, where we are able to offer a wilderness prayer of self-surrender, which replaces the house prayer that only asks for things to happen, or change. Wilderness prayer does not ask, so much, that circumstances will be changed, but, that we will be changed. This prayer helps us to change from within.

Let us continue to pray for one another every morning at 10:30, remembering that God grants us wisdom, love, and peace as we hold each other in God’s tender keeping. Much love and care to you all. Keep well and safe.

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Laura

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